About Us


Smunchys is proud to be recognized as a female-owned, American hair scrunchie brand. Established in 2020, Smunchys has grown to sell products in over 20 countries and has been featured in publications such as BuzzFeed, Spirit105.3, and Seattle Refined. 


Smunchys is committed to making high quality hair scrunchies that also act as mini purses. Smunchys is evolving the way hair products are meant to be used to bring both comfort and safety to women. Our scrunchies are all handmade from 100% vegan and cruelty-free material. All our products are proudly designed in the United States of America and responsibly made in China.


Smunchys’ scrunchies are perfect for travelers, music festival lovers, workout enthusiasts, and just anyone with long hair or a love for scrunchie. The zippers are sewn on with perfect craftsmanship and are covered to keep them discreet. They are tucked in to make sure they stay invisible and out of sight at all times. Every single scrunchie on our website comes with a secret hidden zipper pocket where you can store keys, money, mints, gum, lipstick, etc. They have perfect hold and are suitable for curly, straight, thick and thin hair as well as ponytails or buns. Our scrunchies are stylish and versatile enough for everyday wear.