The Ups & Downs Of Scrunchies

Ups & Downs of Scrunchy

The Scrunchie was introduced in 1987 by Rommy Revson. She created the first prototype of the Scrunchie because she wanted a mild version of the metal hair ties utilized within the 1980s. Revson named the hair accessory the Scunci after her pet poodle. The name Scrunchie was naturally introduced, because the fabric of the hair ties scrunched up. 

Well-known celebrities like Janet Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Demi Moore were all seen wearing them. Debbie Gibson especially wore them; Madonna wore an outsized velvet scrunchie in Desperately Seeking Susan. Scrunchies were also featured in popular movies like Heathers, being passed from one Heather to a different supported popularity shift. The recognition of scrunchies continued into the 1990s too. This time, scrunchies made an appearance in shows like Friends, Poker Hand, and Seinfeld. The scrunchie's popularity wasn't limited to celebrities and tv, many female astronauts used them to secure their hair while they were on a mission.

The early 2000s marked a downfall within the popularity of scrunchies. Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of Sex and the City mocked the style. This comment represented the decline in popularity of the scrunchie during this point period. The scrunchie became a blunder with the sense that wearing it around was embarrassing, many people believed that scrunchies should stay within the past.

Even after the downfall, the scrunchie still made a comeback in 2010. In the late 2010s it had been seen everywhere and, in the hair, and on the wrists of celebrities. Famous celebs like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Selena Gomez have all been seen wearing them again. Popular singer Lizzo was on news when she wore a $100 scrunchie with her jewellery thereon backstage at MTV's Video Music Awards. It had been featured within the popular Netflix original movie To all or any the Boys I've Loved Before as a symbol of power struggle between main character Lara Jean and her former BFF and therefore the character Eleven on Stranger Things was seen wearing them within the third season of the show in 2019.

Scrunchies are often exchanged between teens and young teens as a symbol of an emerging romance. Generally, a girl will give a boy a scrunchie as a symbol of affection or to mention that they're "cute" or that they're their "crush," and therefore the boy will wear the scrunchie usually on his wrist.

There are 500+ different designs of scrunchies since its invention. There are many various brands and stores that sell them. In the US, almost every major store sells some kind of scrunchie in 2021. Smunchys brand offers a variety of textures, including velvet, satin, and fur, also as various designs like floral and multi color. There are also different patterns, like leopard print, tie-dye, floral and polka dot. Overall, there are many different designs of scrunchies. The dimensions of scrunchies also varies, starting from as small as a traditional hair tie to the oversized scrunchie that's as big because the back of the top.

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