The Best Accessory for Music Festvals, Traveling, Hiking, or Working

By Tracey Aivaz. 1-minute Read. 

I'm really excited to tell you about our brand-new Jumbo Pocketed Scrunchie!

This scrunchie has a hidden zipper pocket that's three times bigger than our regular ones. So you can fit all sorts of stuff in there—like your credit cards, ID cards, medical devices, or those big car key fobs!

And it's not just about the pocket. This scrunchie also wraps around your hair more times, so it stays put even better and has a secure hold. 

Why am I so pumped about this? Because it's perfect for so many things! Whether you're heading to Coachella, music festivals, traveling, going to the swimming at the pool or the beach, working out at the gym, hustling at work, out for a run, or hiking in the great outdoors, this scrunchie has your back. Plus, it makes a really cool gift for your friends, sisters, or Mother! 

And guess what? For a limited time, we're doing a special deal: Buy 2, Get 1 Free, and we'll even ship it for free!

I can't wait for you to try it out and let me know what you think! 🥰

Jumbo Pocket Scrunchie on Hair 

Jumbo Pocket Scrunchie on Holding Hair Up

Jumbo Pocket Scrunchie on Holding Keys, Credit Cards, Cash

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