The Appropriate word for scrunchies is SMUNCHYS

Scrunchy is one of the hair accessories which always looks trendy and cute. In 2021 scrunchies are more popular among women irrespective of their age group. Scrunchies are easy to use, provide volume to the hair, do not damage hair and most importantly introduce beautiful colours to our often -simple- hairstyles. Scrunchies come in a wide range of colors and fabric options but what if we could use scrunchies as a multipurpose thing? What if we could use them as a replacement to the normal elastic bands used to tie our hair?

Here comes SMUNCHYS in the picture. Smunchys is a renowned brand which offers a wide range of trendy articles which are new to fashion and easily unavailable at your nearest market. Smunchys has different fabric options for you. These seem to be common to all of the brands which sell scrunchies, so what makes SMUNCHYS stand out from the other brands. SMUNCHYS has its own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and the USP is the smartest way to be distinguished from other brands available at the market. 

SMUNCHYS has introduced zipper scrunchies, yes you have heard that right. You might be thinking what is the big deal in that, but let me tell you it is a problem-solving innovative idea. When we are out for a walk with your pet, we generally keep our entrance key under our entrance carpet or a vase of our lawn. Is it safe to keep our main entrance key like that? In my opinion it’s a straight NO!, but if we have a SMUNCHY we can keep the key inside it’s zipper and use it to tie our hair or use it as a cool looking wrist band.

You might be thinking how can this small scrunchy hold our key? Here is the answer- the zipper pocket of the scrunchies offered by SMUNCHYS goes around your whole scrunchy which helps to store more. Apart from your keys you can put a lot more, even a spare mask for your friend or for later use. Here are some references to follow:


Isn’t it a smart idea to have a hidden zipper in your scrunchy to store key, lip balm, mints etc? If your answer is YES! Then you should change your existing scrunchie and switch to Smunchys. You can find a wide range of zipper scrunchies on Be intelligent, be cool and choose Smunchys over traditional scrunchy. 



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