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Smunchys is a woman-owned company and understands that a lot of women’s clothing miss pockets. We want to provide women with all over the world the chance to stay stylish and safe and also add an extra pocket to their fashion. “Smunchys” are hand-made! They come in top quality velvet, cotton, and satin fabrics. The zipper is strongly attached to the fabric and perfectly covered to keep it discreet and secret. It is tucked to make sure it stays invisible and out of sight at all times! Every single scrunchie we sell comes with a secret hidden zipper pocket where you can store keys, money, mints, gum, keys, and many many more things.

Since we started our fashionable journey in 2020, we have received tremendous response from all over the world. We have never thought to get this kind of response from our customers in this short span of time. Till date we have successfully delivered our scrunchies to almost every country that exists. 

In a recent blog release, we have been recognized by BuzzFeed as a problem solver. As an American Internet media, news and entertainment company, BuzzFeed is the world's leading independent digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally. We are overwhelmed to get featured on BuzzFeed's recent article release "46 Things That'll Solve Problems And Look Good While Doing It"

We would also like to thank BuzzFeed for recognizing us. We are working really hard every day to continue to deliver trendy and quality products to our shoppers and hope to continue this in the future!

Check out our trendy Zipper Pocket Scrunchies:




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