Velvet Pocket Scrunchies with Hidden Zippers

Our hidden pocket scrunchies come with zipper pockets inside to carry your cash, keys, AirPods, makeup, or jewelry. Made from luxurious velvet, smooth satin, and breathable cotton fabrics, these scrunchies feature strong inner elastics that hold up your hair, even when filled with items. 

Top-Selling Pocketed Scrunchies

Our most popular set is the Soft Velvet 3-Pack Pocket Scrunchies, followed by the Soft Satin 3-Pack Pocket Scrunchies. These sets offer versatile choices to fit your everyday items and fashion needs. The Velvet 3-Pack is a classic choice for women who love the luxurious feel of velvet fabric. The Satin 3-Pack is perfect for those who want the same utility but prefer a softer touch on their hair.

Soft Velvet 3-Pack Pocket Scrunchies:

Soft Satin 3-Pack Pocket Scrunchies:

Practical and Stylish Storage Solutions

Each scrunchie includes a zipper opening approximately 3.5-4 inches long, perfect for storing chapsticks, lipsticks, beauty essentials, tissues, hand sanitizers, cash, AirPods, or medication. Handmade with care, these scrunchies may have slight variances but are designed to blend practicality with style. Note that they do not fit IDs or credit cards.

Need More Storage?

If you need to carry IDs or credit cards, check out our Jumbo Pocket Scrunchies or our Athletic Pocket Headbands. These options provide the most convenient solutions for carrying larger items.

Jumbo Pocket Scrunchies:

Athletic Pocket Headbands:

Shop Now for the Best Pocketed Scrunchies

Elevate your hair accessory game with our versatile and functional pocketed scrunchies. Shop now to find the perfect blend of style and convenience for your daily needs. 

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