Green Athletic Headband with a Hidden Zipper Pocket

This athletic headband is made of soft nylon and spandex fabric and has a hidden zipper pocket inside of it. The pocket is enclosed on both sides and provides a large enough storage to hold small items like cash, keys, rings, jewelry, AirPods, IDs, credit cards, medication, and medical devices. The pocket sits behind the head in between the ears and is perfectly concealed with a ponytail or hair down. The flat side of the headband sits in the front on the forehead and does not have any bulkiness or bulges. 

The headband is stretchy and stays snug and in place even during high impact activities. It is also moisture wicking and will absorb any sweat along the hairline to keep you cool and dry. 

The headband comes in 3 colors of green, black, and grey for most versatility with different colors of clothes. 

Although the zipper is sewn to be concealed and does not snag on hair, it is best to remove the headband from your head to open and close the pocket and then wear it back. Opening and closing the zipper pocket when the headband is on your head might result in a few strands of hair accidentally getting caught in the zipper.

This headband is commonly used as an accessory for walking, hiking, jogging, working out, the gym, or an active lifestyle. It is also commonly used as an accessory for nightlife, music festivals, clubbing, traveling, summer resorts, beaches, pools, and gifts. 


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