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Set of 3 Zipper Scrunchies
Set of 3 Zipper Scrunchies
Set of 3 Zipper Scrunchies

Set of 3 Zipper Scrunchies

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Get 3 of our solid satin colors in this collection! ❤️

Always have a Smunchy on hand. All with a hidden zipper to hold your items close to you. 

Stay discreet with the hidden pocket! Some call it stash srunchie and some call it pocket storage scrunchie….we call them Smunchys! They are smart, they are spacious, and they are scrunchies.

The high-quality hidden zipper pocket pouch beautifully blends in with the scrunchie. You can secretly carry your money, chapstick, gum, or other items in it safely. The pocket is tucked to make sure it stays invisible and out of sight at all times!

You can have peace of mind that our scrunchies are made with best quality fabric and zipper. The secret hidden pocket in our scrunchies won’t let you down ;)

Or get it as a present for a special someone ;) on sale now!

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